Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Training Courses

Presently, Artificial intelligence courses have become a more popular source for those who want to get the highest-paying role in the relevant industry. Many countries have several reputable schools and universities that may offer the best artificial intelligence courses. In fact, several schools and universities are available in several countries, allowing students to make their careers in AI. Start an online search to see the best artificial intelligence courses in Abroad countries.

What is the Artificial intelligence?

The conceptions of Artificial Intelligence often implore images of human-like robots, like those from the Western world and the ex-Machine. Even though currently impossible, this highly strengthened version of AI, more officially known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) is being deliberately researched.

Remarkable developments in AI have been in Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), or AI systems fascinated with slight tasks, like interdependent driving, playing Starcraft, and discussing humans.

Praise Machine Learning Professor Andrew Ng explains in his course AI for One and all that AGI has made little advancement compared to ANI. Approximately all online courses concern confined intelligence, so most of this article will focus on recommending Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) courses. The program requires having a bachelor’s degree with a maximum of 50% marks in mathematical and statistics subjects.

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Artificial Intelligence Courses

The world is home to various reputable schools and universities, which can offer a wide range of Artificial Intelligence courses. Are you searching for the top-ranked artificial intelligence course in 2024? If yes, check out the list of Artificial Intelligence courses in the world.

Human AI

Course Provider: Vrije University

Duration: Maximum 02 Weeks

Human AI is the best course for those aspirants looking for artificial intelligence courses in reputable universities. This course you can pursue from Vrije University. The course covers mental, social, and health-related processes.

Human AI presents theories from a wide range of disciplines, including various branches of cognitive, social, health, and neuroscience. Besides this, this course can be completed within 02 weeks.

Course Artificial Intelligence for Information and Communication Professionals Technology

Course Provider: Valgrai

Duration: 150 hours

This AI course is in all-time high demand in Spain! It covers the introduction to basic fundamental elements, skipping deep mathematical background, and some background in programming and software development. Also, you can get end-to-end solutions and different use cases.

This course is specially developed for those who want to know the fundamentals that underlie current AI solutions.

Masterclass: AI for Decision-Makers

Course Provider: IC Institute

Duration: 2 days

This course in Artificial Intelligence is definitely a wonderful source for those who are looking for Artificial Intelligence courses in 2024. If you are searching for the best school or university in countries for artificial intelligence courses, then it is the perfect time to start your career in AI.

One of the shortest AI courses is the Masterclass: AI for Decision-Makers. It is offered by IC Institute. This course is still considered excellent by many students. It takes specific AI technologies as a starting point.

Also, this AI course can identify suitable business opportunities and needs where AI can be of added value.

Top-Ranked Universities to Study Artificial Intelligence

Studying AI is not easier than ever because there are many things that come to our minds when we choose the best university for artificial intelligence courses. Here we shared some of the top-ranked universities that offer a wide range of artificial intelligence courses with certifications.

Buckinghamshire New University

This is the best university for artificial intelligence education. It has a network of several students in graduate and post-graduate degrees. With this university, you can pursue an MSc in AI and BSc in computer science.

London Metropolitan University

This is another best university that offers courses in AI. It offers three courses in Artificial Intelligence such as MSc Robotics with Artificial Intelligence, BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering and Robotics, and BEng (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering and Robotics (including foundation year).

University of Aberdeen

This is the best university for many students who are looking for artificial intelligence courses in 2024. It offers some of the best courses in artificial intelligence, such as MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Robotics, MEng Mechanical Engineering with Biomechanics, MSc Computing Science with Industrial Placement, BSc Computing Science, etc.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Here are the top-rated AI courses. Top schools and universities are really offering a wide range of AI courses!

Graduate Engineering Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

Course Provider: Western New England University

Duration: Full Time (12 credit hours)

The Graduate Engineering Certificate in Artificial Intelligence from a reputable University can allow you to help your organization make the most of this technology today. This course is based on a hybrid model that allows students to participate either, fully online, fully in-class, or any combination of the two. It will start on January 22, 2024, and continue till May 20, 2024.

Artificial Intelligence, BS

Course Provider: Keiser University

Duration: Time (120 credit hours)

This is another Artificial Intelligence course that you should know! It is designed to address the increasing demand for AI specialists with concentrations in Machine Learning and Data Science. You can develop the appropriate skills by learning this course while working with natural language processing, voice recognition, etc.

Keiser University’s Bachelor of Science degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI) targets students interested in learning, development, and deployment of AI applications in various industries. Also, this degree course covers general and applied AI fundamentals, involving core programming languages like Python.

Artificial Intelligence, M.S.

Course Provider: Saint Louis University

Duration: Full Time (30 credit hours)

The Master’s Degree in AI from Saint Louis University allows students to study, develop, and deployment of AI applications. You can gain a depth of knowledge regarding the models and technologies that are used to make advances in underlying AI and machine learning. Also, this course engages the theory of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and in applying AI/ML in practice.

Saint Louis University’s master’s program in artificial intelligence also enables students with a depth of knowledge to make advances in underlying artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Many popular places for artificial intelligence courses are available in 2024! Several international students come to Abroad countries to pursue artificial intelligence courses with certifications because the city is a site where students can learn the best AI education. Let’s take a look at the list of the most popular AI degrees.

We found some AI degrees at the master’s level offered by the Universities. Check out the list of the best MS Degrees in AI from Abroad countries-based Universities.

Master in Artificial Intelligence

Provider: UNIR

Duration: 18 months

This is the best Master’s Degree in AI for many people looking for an MS in AI in Abroad countries. This Degree can allow students to develop their work in great organizations. UNIR Abroad countries offers a Master in Artificial Intelligence with degree. MS in AI from UNIR Abroad countriescan learn the basic and advanced concepts for the solution of complex problems and achieve better decision-making. Also, Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence at UNIR Abroad countries students can obtain knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

Master in Artificial Intelligence

Provider: Tecmilenio University

Duration: 18 months (Approx)

If you want to become a specialist in artificial intelligence technologies and capable of developing algorithms and strategies, a Master’s Degree in AI from Tecmilenio University, Abroad countries can help you to become a specialist in AI!

This MS degree in AI can provide the basic and advanced concepts of AI. Start an online search to learn about a Master in Artificial Intelligence from Tecmilenio University.

The Cost of Artificial Intelligence will surprise you

Certificate in Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 60,000

Diploma in Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Rs. 40,000 to 70,000 per year

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) – Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.1.5 lakh per year

Masters in Science (M.Sc) – Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per year

Masters in Technology (M.Tech) – 1 lakh to 2 lakhs per year

The fees of Artificial Intelligence courses depend upon the level of the courses opted for by the applicants. The factor is in control for significant the course fee for artificial intelligence strategy in an institute that is the contribution it.


These are a few examples of artificial intelligence courses. It’s recommended to check all aspects of artificial intelligence courses before choosing. Try an online search to see the best artificial intelligence courses in the world.


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