Cloud Computing – Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Backup Solutions

In this world, technology is advancing day by day thus we are seeing the ease of living and working.
In a similar manner, cloud computing plays a vital role in this field that is the reason almost every company is adopting this technology for their storage use.

Cloud computing ia the need of the hour because companies don’t have much time to store their data on different storage and also they have spent much to secure their data. So, cloud computing provides them a facility that they will be able to use a portable, secure and easily accessible platform from anywhere anytime. This is the main benefit of using cloud computing services.

Cloud Backup Solutions for Small Business To make it more clear, here I am going to share the importance and other key points of cloud computing. Check out those here.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the way of storing code or software on the server. There are many companies that are providing cloud storage services to store the data and you can access your data as well as software from anywhere anytime through the login credentials provided by the company.

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There are companies like Microsoft and Google that are providing limited cloud storage for free but if you want to explore advanced features and more cloud storage then you have to pay them for that.

As we all know that traditional way of storage requires a lot of things as well as money to store the data and also you have to pay extra to save and secure your data. You need to take multiple backups and you need to pay for the service and maintenance costs. But due to cloud platform you can save much more than you can think. For that, you just have to subscribe for their subscription and rest they will handle. They will provide you a username and password with the link to login your account and you can access your data very easily.

Importance of Cloud Computing

Now the question arises: what is the importance of Cloud Computing and why do we need it or why do we have to buy cloud storage? Well, the answer is really simple as these services provide us flexibility and ease of accessing our data no matter where we are. Also, it gives us a platform-independent that we can access our data from any device just by using our login credentials.

The cloud computing is very important and it becomes essential if you are running a software or app development company because it will help you alot in saving your data and application codes in a very secure and easily accessible environment. Also, it will be really easy for all the team members of a group who is working on the same code but different modules of a software or app that they can access their data simultaneously from their own computers by login with their credentials. So, it will be easier for them to code the data and to find out the bugs.

You can take a free trial to use the services of a cloud computing provider and I am sure that you will not regret about your decision and surely you will buy their subscription for the future use. If you need limited data and consists limited information to store you can strict to their free plan but if you are a professional needs storage and security then you should choose a proper plan and also you should choose a cloud storage provider wisely that can fulfill all your requirements within your budget.

Why Companies are Opting for Cloud Computing

Nowadays, companies are depending on cloud computing and cloud storage to store their valuable data because it is giving them the freedom to save their data in a secure and easily accessible environment.

Also, it gives them assurity that their data will not be lost due to system failure and failure of hard drives which were very common decades ago.

It also facilitates their employees that they can share the data with each other very easily and can code the software in modules without maintaining an in house team.

Working Process of Cloud Computing

In the working process of cloud computing, there are many companies who deploy big servers on their location and they give limited access to their customers to use limited cloud storage.

These companies provide a login link to their servers and also provides username and password to their users to use their services. You can choose from different plans provided by the company just according to your requirements that how much storage you need and what other facilities you require. You can opt for the monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly subscription as per your convenience and need.

Best Companies Which are Providing Cloud Services

Here I am going to share some best companies which are providing cloud services.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Services
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • Salesforce
  • Oracle Cloud Services
  • SAP Cloud
  • VMWare
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Types of Cloud Computing

Mainly there are three types of cloud computing available in the current regime. Here they are.

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Basically, the benefits of cloud computing depend on the platform and services you are using but there are some common benefits of cloud computing for which many big companies are using these services.

The main benefit of cloud computing services is this is really cost-cutting technology because if you are using cloud computing and cloud storage services then you don’t need many resources and traditional storage units that can enhance your costing.

The second thing is the ease of accessibility as you can access your data from anywhere anytime.
The third benefit of cloud computing is reliability as your data is secure and free from the fear of loss due to any kind of odd happening

The fourth benefit is this type of service provides you with the freedom that you can work on modules rather than traditional ways of computing.

The other benefit of cloud computing is it is multidimensional and really fast to process so your app and software will work faster than ever.

Also, if you are hosting your site on a cloud server then your site speed will be really faster than the normal hosting services.

Security in Cloud Computing

Security features may vary depending on what type of cloud computing services you are availing of. We can categorize them into three ways here they are.

Also, if you are using a cloud storage to save your valuable data then you can expect that it will be saved on a highly secure server and you will not lost any amount of your data if any kind of disaster takes place.

Public Cloud

A traditional way of cloud computing where many companies are putting their data without much concern about security.

Private Cloud

A private cloud consists of most of the features of a public cloud but also consists of firewall security to secure the data. This type of cloud services is available mostly by corporates.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud computing service is a mixture of both of public and private Cloud Services.