Best Instant Approval Credit Cards in Singapore to Consider

Credit Cards are trendy for making online payments in the world. Millions of people rely on credit cards to make national and international payments. Credit cards are most popular in Singapore with approximately 73% of people using at least one credit card for making online payments. Low credit scores can make you unable to get credit cards. A range of credit cards from different banks and financial institutions are now available with instant approval and a simple online application process. In fact, Singapore banks have a range of credit cards that you can get with instant approval. Start an online search to see the best instant approval credit cards in Singapore.

Why do Singaporeans love having credit cards?

Over 4.3 million active credit card users in Singapore show us that Singaporeans really love using credit cards to make online payments. Some of them have six or more cards to make online payments.

Credit cards are typically used to increase personal finances while accessing some extra benefits like reward programs. However, when credit cards are used carelessly they can cause a lot of losses and stress to someone. There are many benefits of using credit cards, so millions of Singaporeans love having credit cards.

Benefits of Using Credit Cards

Build Your Credit Score

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Credit scores may play a role in access to future loans. Credit cards may improve your credit scores well in order to get better access to future home loans. If you’re struggling with your bad credit, you will need to raise your credit.

Safety Features

This is another benefit of using credit cards. Credit cards come with new safety features such as immediate blocking of the card, 24/7 access, card controls, and opt for contactless cards. Besides this, concerned banks provide some extra features such as SMS notifications for first-time payments and keep track of your spending in real-time. In short, credit cards are safer than cash.

Earn Rewards

Credit cards have many benefits, such as reward programs. Such points systems as FNB, GoldBank, Amex, Bankwest, and many more offer fantastic rewards programs. These rewards may be redeemed for travel, food, and lifestyle purchases like movie tickets and entertainment.


Credit cards offer benefits for traveling. They are a fantastic way to offset foreign currency conversions for many travelers. Some of them offer no-fee conversions for some countries, so when you are traveling to different countries, this can add up to some amounts of savings.

Best Instant Approval Credit Cards in Singapore To Use This Year

A range of credit cards in Singapore are available now for instant approval and simple applications. Here are the best instant approval credit cards in Singapore.

DBS Live Fresh Card

One of the most popular credit cards in Singapore is the DBS Live Fresh Card. This is a fantastic choice for those who love to online purchases. This card can offer you 5% cashback on online shopping, 5% cashback on SimplyGo rides, and 0.3% cashback on all other online spending. Besides this, the card hosts fantastic benefits and perks, such as discounts on entertainment, dining, and wellness services.

Instant approval is an excellent must-see factor of the DBS Live Fresh Card, making it a great choice for those who have an urgent need of credit.

Standard Chartered Unlimited Card

Standard Chartered Unlimited Card is another credit way for those who need urgent credit. This card offers instant approval, which makes it a popular credit card among Singaporeans. It offers a range of cashback of 1.5% on all online spending with no minimum spending required. In addition, the card offers some perks, such as discounts on its partner merchants. Cardholders can also enjoy its other benefits. In short, it is the best instant approval credit card in Singapore for those who need credit quickly.

Citi Cash Back+ Card

Singaporeans love the Citi Cash Back+ Card because it is available for instant approval. This is ideal for those who want to earn cashback on all online spending. It offers cashback of 1.6% on all online spending. It comes with a variety of benefits and perks, such as discounts on dining and entertainment, and zero travel insurance. Right now, Citi Cash Back+ Card is the perfect option for those who need credit urgently.

HSBC Advance Credit Card

HSBC Advance Credit Card is the most famous credit card in Singapore with instant approval. This is also loved by people who travel frequently. It offers a cashback of 3.5% on all overseas spending and 2.5% on all local dining spending. Many Singaporeans love the HSBC Advance Credit Card as it comes with new safety features and other travel perks like discounts on airport lounge access and free travel insurance. Additionally, this card is available for instant approval, making it a convenient option for those Singaporeans who want to need instant credit.

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card

OCBC Titanium Rewards Card is an ideal way for Singaporeans who love to shop. This is a great option for many online shopping lovers who want to earn rewards on online shopping. It offers 10X reward points on all online and offline shopping, with zero minimum spend required. The card also comes with a variety of rewards, including shopping vouchers and air miles, which make it popular among Singaporeans. Besides this, the card is available for instant approval, making it a top option for those in urgent need of credit.

Get the Best Instant Approval Credit Card in Singapore Today

If you want to get your hands on a new credit card and are confused by all the different options, you need to take a breath. This remarkable feature can help you to find the best interest rates and deals in your area. After knowing all aspects of credit cards, start getting a credit card.


These are a few examples of the best instant approval credit cards in Singapore. It’s recommended to check all factors of the card before choosing it. Try an online search to view the most competitive credit cards in Singapore that host instant approval.


Credit Cards That Get You Instant Approval

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