High demand of mattress following the outburst of Pandemic

High demand for mattresses following the outburst of the Pandemic

As the Novel coronavirus outbreak happened, the fear of getting infected by the virus made people live in their homes. They hardly leave their house for office work and for buying any types of equipment or items for their daily needs. Businesses and industries started to shut down. And the mattress industry is no more exception to it. In the start, like other industries, this industry was also impacted. But later on, suddenly things changed and this item is in huge demand.

Though we all know that we use bedrooms for sleeping purposes but this pandemic outburst changed this too. Online platforms and sites and markets help them a lot in improving their lifestyle. People started spending their entire day in their living room working, sleeping, eating, or lazily scrolling down the phone screen for hours.

Amidst this, having abundant time people started renovating their sleeping rooms into a relaxation zone. They started focusing more on their living rooms instead of spending money on eating or traveling for vacations. So, there is a huge demand for comfy and comfortable mattresses and the rise in production started increasing over the months. Due to high demand in the market after a time factories are running full out. Some items like adjustable beds, comfy bed sheets, and back support pillows were in high demand.

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Krim’s Casper — known for its high-tech foam mattresses, online-first business model, and hearty marketing campaigns — reported that production increased by 30% which results in good market growth. Casper’s ancillary products like sheets and pillows were also in great demand along with comfy beddings.


  • Casper
  • Purple
  • Save
  • Serta

Quality of These Top Mattresses

Casper is not alone in this race. Other brands are also in this race such as Purple, Saatva, Serta, etc. Purple mattresses are too cheap and provide many gift vouchers to attract their customers. Their bedsheets and cushions were in great demand because these bedsheets are embedded with gridded silicones. And the presence of foam between the layers ensures that there is no back pain or it’s quite comfortable. Along with this, whenever you buy a purple mattress you will get a sleeping mask.

Save company provides the finest quality spring mattresses and their prices are very affordable. It is for long-term use and gives many other facilities including a trial period of 120 nights. And there is a full return payment facility also. If you buy their queen-size mattresses, a soft comfy cushion will be provided to you. In fact, pickup services were also provided by them to their customers.

Serta is an old company having the best of its reputation and still maintaining its quality after all these years. Among the bunches of products, Perfect sleeper and comfort lines are their best and top-selling products. They have memory foam in their products. They provide hybrid and innerspring mattresses too.

King Mattress Size

Many mattress companies are produces different mattresses. People want to mattress according to their family size. You can find king-size mattresses. Commonly the size of a king mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.  The king-size mattress is expensive but you can buy them at a range of prices.

Mattress Cover King Size

We know that to protect mattresses all people want mattress covers. But sometimes it becomes a very big problem that sometimes king-size mattress covers are not available on the market. Nowadays commonly you can get king-size mattress covers in the market. You can take off and wash mattress covers. A mattress cover protects your mattress from dust, water, moisture, and spilling.

Mattress for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain

If you have a person in your family member who is suffering from lower back pain, then you can get a special mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain. According to a little study latex and polyurethane foam mattresses are the demanded mattress for side sleepers with lower back pain. 10 inches mattress is good, supporting, and comfortable for side sleepers.

Cost of High Demand Mattress

The highest selling mattresses such as affordable Beds can typically cost between $200 and $1,500 for mattresses constructed from all-foam or innerspring using base materials and hybrid quality materials.

Some other mattresses are also given below with their respective characteristics which are in high demand during the outburst of the Pandemic –

  • Nectar mattress- Nectar Memory Foam is a guilt-free treat for any sleep-starved body. You even get 2 pillows, a protector, and a sheet thrown in too. The affordable mattress features a cooling and airy cover, a layer of gel memory foam to distribute weight evenly, a responsive transition layer to avoid the quicksand feeling of some memory foam mattresses, and a reinforced and stabilizing base layer.
  • The result is a sleep solution that provides soft support and snug comfort and enough firmness that you can get up easily. And with a year to try it, you really can’t go wrong with the Nectar. Definitely the best mattress for the money. It is best for a blissful body-hugging mattress that won’t break the bank.
  • The Puffy Lux mattress- If you tend to sleep on your stomach but your partner always sleeps on their back, then you need a mattress that meets both of your needs. This mattress is designed for all sleeper types so you don’t need to compromise. It’s also designed to work on any kind of bed frame or surface. The Puffy Lux features dual cloud foam that adapts to your body to minimize strain, a firm core support layer to keep your spine aligned and a ClimateComfort layer that reduces temperature swings,
  • keeping you a pleasant level of warmth in any season. It’s not as dense as some memory foam mattresses so you can easily switch positions. And the Puffy Lux comes with a stain-resistant cover. Less work for you and a mattress that always looks as good as new. It is best for Support that hits that sweet spot between soft and firm.
  • Tempur breeze mattress- If your temperature naturally runs pretty high at night, then you need a mattress that can dissipate heat and keep you cool and calm. The best mattress for hot sleepers has to be the TEMPUR-breeze. Say goodbye to sweaty pajamas. You’ll find that you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer thanks to the cooling fibers, PureCool+ Phase Change material that absorbs heat and enables airflow, plus the comfort layer that allows heat and humidity to be cycled out, ensuring you wake up refreshed, not groggy.
  • Tempur-Pedic offers two levels of coolness (3 degrees or 8 degrees), plus two options of firmness—tailored comfort that we really appreciate. As for support, the TEMPUR-breeze is made with a pressure-relieving material also used by NASA to absorb G-force in outer space. If it’s good enough for astronauts, it’s good enough for us. It is best for Keeping sweaty sleepers cool and content.
  • Leesa best hybrid mattress- Firm support or cloud-soft comfort? Perfect body alignment or pressure relief? The beauty of a hybrid mattress like the Leesa is that you don’t have to choose. Whether you’re after a quick siesta or a deep sleep, the Leesa will ensure you nod off faster thanks to the perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • 1,000+ active response pocket springs deliver durability and stability, responding to your position and sleep style, while the memory foam provides that hugging feeling and relieves pressure on the back, hips, and shoulders. The top layer of foam is also punched with holes to ensure enough airflow. It’s the best of both worlds with the Leesa, which is ideal for all kinds of sleepers as confirmed by the mattress reviews. It is best not to have to compromise between hug and bounce, cushioning, or stability.

CEO Krim’s Casper added in his interview that “ it’s the best time for them to be in the mattress business and they will continue to supply this.”