Most Affordable Cities in US Where Retirees Can Take Apartments

There is no matter whether senior citizens choose the most expensive apartments to live there. In fact, several retirees are looking for the most affordable cities in the US to live there as they are unable to pay more money to live in expensive apartments. Finding the cheapest home in the most popular cities to live every retiree person wants but this work is not easy as before. Typically, affordable housing options are shrinking, especially if you do not find an expensive living house.

If you’re willing to change your old city into a new city to live in, you may take advantage of the cheapest rent, lower taxes, and even the most reasonable health care costs. Now, you can search for the world’s cheapest cities that offer affordable housing options for retirees right online.

Here are seven cities where retirees can live comfortably on a lower budget and search for affordable housing costs of living.

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Most Affordable Cities in the US for Retirees

A List of Cities in the US Where Retirement Costs Are Cheapest

  • Columbus, Ohio
  • Greenville, Texas
  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • Shreveport, Louisiana
  • Youngstown, Ohio
  • Amarillo, Texas
  • Florence, Alabama

1. Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio is the best city for retirees looking for a bustling town with the cheapest rent. It is one of the fasted growing cities in all of America. The city has become a popular place, due to its affordable housing prices and its many amenities. Also, the city has many health cares and hospitals where retirees may complete their healthcare needs. If you’re looking for the best city to spend your life at any other rental place, Columbus is the perfect city because it has many affordable housing plans. According to the source, the average monthly rent is $910 for a one-bedroom apartment.

2. Greenville, Texas

Greenville is a small city located about 50 miles outside of Dallas and is home to fewer than 30,000 people. The city is the most popular due to its affordable housing prices and amenities. It is the perfect city where many retirees will find you. When you’ll be lived in this city, you’ll be close to excellent hospitals and health care in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan areas. Also, you’ll enjoy the warm and mild climate year-round while you’re living in Greenville, Texas. To get a rental property in Greenville, Texas, you may need to pay an average monthly rent of $976 for a one-bedroom apartment.

3. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

You aren’t alone if you’ve never heard of Oklahoma City. The city is the second-largest city in the US in terms of area. The city offers the most affordable housing plans and amenities.

Oklahoma City is loved by many retirees, due to offering a lot to explore. It is the best city to live in and an ideal option for senior people who are interested in seeing more of the US. You may take a rental one-bedroom apartment at the average monthly rent of $799 in Oklahoma City. While living there, you will be close to excellent health care and you’ll enjoy the natural culture.

4. Shreveport, Louisiana

One of the most affordable cities in the world, Shreveport, Louisiana is a site where seniors may find affordable housing options. The city is the best way for those retirees looking for affordable housing prices to take a rental property.

The city offers a lot to explore. Shreveport is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its affordable rental properties and amenities. You can enjoy a warm and temperate climate while living there.

5. Youngstown, Ohio

Youngstown, Ohio is another most-in-demanded city for people looking for affordable rental properties. The city is more popular than others, due to its excellent warm and temperate climate. You may also choose to take a rental property to live in. The city is becoming increasingly popular thanks to increasing culture, entertainment, and innovation.

The city offers affordable housing plans for retirees wanting to take rental properties in the world’s most affordable cities. To take a rental apartment in Youngstown, Ohio, you may require to pay the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

6. Amarillo, Texas

Amarillo, Texas becomes an increasingly popular place due to its warm weather and a moderately sized population. According to the source, this city is a great place for retirees. While living there, seniors won’t feel pressured to keep up with large city life.

The city is still considered an excellent to live by many retirees. Also, seniors will be close to health care and hospitals and will enjoy the warm weather while they’re on living there.

The average monthly rent is $770 for a one-bedroom apartment in Amarillo, Texas.

7. Florence, Alabama

Florence, Alabama is still considered good because the city offers a lot to explore. The city is home to one of the cheapest cities in all of America. It has become a more popular city due to its population of just under 40,000 people.

Florence is an excellent place for retirees because it is small and unassuming, quiet, and more relaxed than others. You can choose to live if you are looking for the world’s most affordable cities to take for rent to live.

To take a rental property in Florence, Alabama, you may need to pay the average monthly rent of $443 for a one-bedroom apartment.

Consider Your Housing Options After Retirement

Whether you are close to retirement and looking for the world’s most affordable housing cities, it’s never too early – or too late. It is the best time to start thinking about your next years. Before you head into retirement, you will start thinking about where will you live. But, the first thing is to choose which city may make your lifestyle great.

There are many affordable house prices that are offered to retiree people. Seniors are directed to check the overall information of the housing apartment to which they are like to apply.


Finally, we can say that senior citizens may consider one of these cities to live in after retirement. These cities provide you with the world’s most affordable housing schemes and prices. For more details relevant to the world’s most popular affordable housing cities, try an online search.


Top US cities where retirement is affordable

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