Proven Small Business Ideas You Can Get Started With Little To No Money

Individuals who have the best business ideas tend to shy away from opening a small business. But why? In many cases, they are not excited to open businesses because they have a big thing about the investment needed to open businesses. Those people don’t start businesses due to including little investment. Most small businesses don’t require a lot of money to start.

If you’re interested in searching for a side business, here are proven small ideas that anyone can get started with little to no money.

Proven Small Business Ideas That You Can Get Started Without Investment

Read below the proven low-investment business ideas that can make a great entry point for beginners or anyone with a busy schedule.

Freelance Writer And Editor

Offer your skills as a freelance writer and editor. There are now several companies that can hire you to create and edit content for their products. Freelance is one of the most popular business ideas for people who have brilliant knowledge and experience in writing articles, blog posts, and other forms of content.

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Freelance writer and editor is a small business idea that doesn’t require a lot of money to start. If you have experience and demonstrated knowledge of writing and editing content, then you can freelance your skills and open a small business without investment. The average salary for a Freelance Writer is $21.94 per hour in the US.


Online Tutoring is another popular business idea for people who have expertise in a particular subject. Consider offering online tutoring services today. Anyone can start a tutoring business based around computer programming or a particular subject in school.

Online tutoring is an affordable start-up that you can start with experience and knowledge. You will need to provide extra education and support to help a student progress academically and earn qualifications. Nowadays, online tutors get the average annual pay in the United States is $38,401 a year. In addition, you can use certain online free online communication tools like Skype or Zoom to conduct lessons.

Online Seller

The next most popular business idea is the Online Seller. Starting an online selling business, everybody wants because a lot of benefits can get with online selling businesses. Anyone can get started an online selling business based on selling online goods.

You can start this small business without any investment. There are now several e-commerce sites or online sellers that take a cut of sales like Amazon and eBay. You can affiliate with an e-commerce site to sell their products online. With a fixed selling rate, you can make an additional income by selling Amazon’s products online to new and potential clients. In addition, you can use the most popular social media platforms (Facebook and Whatsapp) to sell the company’s products or goods.

Drop Shipper

Drop Shipper is the most in-demand small business that can pay you the maximum. This business idea is ideal for cash-strapped entrepreneurs.

This business idea does not require a little money to start. Create an online e-commerce platform to sell products and get them shipped directly from the manufacturer. In this business, you’re not the owner of products rather than you can add the company’s products to sell and earn a cut from every sale. If you have great skills and knowledge, then you can start a drop shipper business with any investment. You can earn up to $39,287 a year in the drop shipping business in the US.

Virtual Assistant Or Consultant

Virtual Assistant or Consultant is the next small business idea for individuals finding a side hustle to generate additional income. Consider helping businesses enhance their social media presence and strategy. If you have a demonstrated knowledge of different platforms and techniques to guide exciting or potential clients in improving their online visibility, this is the perfect small business idea to start in 2023.

On the other hand, consultants operate in a few different industries. Generally, highly talented consultants can offer their virtual services in different sectors, including business, human resources, social media, or finances. As a Virtual Assistant or Consultant, you can generate an average wage of $37.90 per hour in the USA.

Teach English

If you have experience and knowledge in teaching English, then this small business idea is perfect for you. This business does not require a lot of money to start. Great skills and knowledge are required to start this business.

There are now several private schools and other institutions that hire teachers who have great knowledge and experience in teaching English. Anyone can get started with a little to-know money. English teachers can generate around 73,700 USD per year.

Digital marketer

Consider offering your digital marketing skills and knowledge today. You can start this small business with knowledge of SEO, Social medial marketing, email marketing, or content marketing. You require knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, or content marketing in order to start a digital marketing business.

Generally, digital marketers help businesses in improving their online presence by offering digital services like SEO, Social medial marketing, email marketing, or content marketing.  They also create, post, and update content to improve the business’s online presence. With this business, you can earn an average payout of $62440 per year in the United States.

Social Media Management

This is another great small business idea for those looking for top-paying businesses. If you have experience and knowledge in social media management, offer your skills and help organizations operate their social media accounts by creating, posting, and updating content with their audience.

In addition, you will develop your strategies to increase followers and improve brand visibility.

Find Your Niche

With an internet connection, you can start an online business that suits your interest and experience. Consider finding your niche today. Whether you choose one of these great small business ideas or find a side hustle, you must research your market.